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30 September - Paper version of 2002/03 tax return must be submitted if the Revenue is to complete the tax calculation, or if you want tax of up to £2,000 collected through your 2004/05 PAYE code.

5 October - If no tax return receive you must inform Revenue of any tax liability for 2002/03 not covered by tax deductions at source.

31 October - This is your last change to ask the Revenue to issue a tax return for 1997/8. You need to complete this form if you want to challenge the deductions made through your PAYE coding for 1997/8

1 December - New rules for calculating Stamp Duty on leased property and for reporting the Stamp Duty due.

30 December - Electronic version of 2002/03 tax return must be submitted if tax due of up to £2,000 is to be included in your PAYE code.

31 January
- All 2002/03 tax returns must be submitted, unless the form was issued after 5 October 2003. Automatic £100 fine for late submitted tax return. Pay remaining tax due for 2002/03. Pay first on account instalment of income tax for 2003/04.

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