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Cut through the complexity of the subject using our various sources of information that are topical, fresh and discuss the implications of property taxation issues.

2008 Pre-Budget Report Summary

Budget 2007 - This Report, which was written immediately after the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Budget Speech, is intended to provide an overview of the announcements most likely to affect you or your business.

Property Tax Articles - Browse through our selection of tax articles written by tax specialists on a wide range of tax issues.

Property Tax Tips - The full collection of tax tips which are scattered throughout this website.

Property & Tax Links - Useful links to other website containing useful information and resources about property and tax.

Property/Landlord Information
- National Landlords Association

Buy-To-Let Properties
Tax Guide
This Essential Guide for Landlords is a must for any Landlord worried about their Tax Liabilities! - and for those that are not - you should be!

This guide is not relevant to the capital gains arising on the disposal of buy to let properties post 05/04/2008

This 60 page booklet does not cover every tax aspect of buy-to-let. It sets down the basics and provides pointers for tax saving ideas. To minimise your own tax liabilities it is essential to take tax advice that is tailored to your individual situation.
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