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Tax is an increasingly complex area and it is essential that landlords seek advice from a specialist taxation and accountancy advisor. This will ensure a strategy is devised which best suits your individual needs.

With buy-to-let investment on the increase, information about the ever-changing tax issues facing property investors is scarce. The tax system is extremely complex and it is imperative that landlords comply with their reporting obligations, whilst at the same time ensure they are paying the minimum amount of tax on their rental profits.

Taxation Solutions believe the buy-to-let market will continue to grow, as it is a route by which:

  • Relatively secure capital gains can be made on eventual sale
  • Favourable income returns can be generated throughout the period of ownership
  • The property finance is covered in repayment terms by the security of the eventual sale proceeds of the property and in interest terms by the rental income generated

There are, of course, many factors which can affect the returns in both capital and income. But, on the basis that the investment appears to make commercial sense, landlords need to be aware of the tax issues facing them not only as property investors but also as individuals with other businesses, careers and investments.

By providing landlord clients with a pro-active service, combined with a partnership built on trust and understanding of your individual business needs, we are confident that you will maximise rental returns by minimising your tax liabilities.

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Tax Tip - Click to view more taxation advice It is advisable to have a separate bank account to record all rental income received & expenditure incurred. This will assist you in the event of an Inland Revenue investigation and completion of your annual rental accounts and self-assessment tax return.
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